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Fucked by 10 Men
Author - Me, Dave 'Speedo' Evans

I wanted to share the details of Alex and Adam's sex party/orgy last Friday before I start getting in to this weeks fun with Rachel and Taz.  I also thought that writing about it would get me turned on and super horny for when I meet the young couple later tonight.

Little bit of back story for those of you who haven't been following my sexual adventures over the last decade.  Alex is a guy I knew through a group of guys I hang out with, here on the coast north of Sydney.  I was, and still am, completely in the closet with that group of people.  So, four years ago when Alex outed me as being the famous Aussie Speedo Guy, I was terrified he would share that information with our social group.

What I feared ended up being the opposite of what occurred.  Alex had some deep gay feelings which he had been repressing and the two of us explored those feelings.  OK, I'll admit it, I took his gay virginity have been fucking each others brains out ever since.  Alex loves speedos as much as I do which is how he found me in the first place.

Among out social group, Alex has kept my secret all these years, and it is Alex who is now completely out of the closet and has been dating and living with a guy called Adam.

Alex and Adam met while triathlon training.  Adam has been out and proud since before he left his Mum's womb I reckon.  I was super stoked when they started dating, when they moved in together and when they first invited me to join them for a threesome. Occasionally I get invited to join them for some hanky panky and it is just one of those invitations which is what I'm going to tell you about now.

Early late week I received a text message from Alex asking if I'm free Friday night.... sex party night.

I had nothing in the calendar so said I'd love to.  Even if I had something on the calendar, I would cancel it because I have been to two of these sex parties before and loved it both times.

I'm not completely sure how often these nights happen but I know Alex and Adam put a fair bit of planning and thought into who is invited and what they hope to do.  My previous invitations were a little bit last minute and they were short bottoms (guys whose arse can take a pounding versus tops who pound arses) and I was invited because I am a very willing bottom.

A few days later, on Wednesday, I received a text from Alex telling me to be at their place at half past eight, to wear an old pair of speedos (why old I wondered?) and he asked how many guys have I ever had fuck me in one session?

I had to think about it, I'm pretty sure my record was four guys fucking me one night at the first sex party I was invited to with those guys.  My text to Alex was "Four"

His reply back.... "Want to double that number?"

"I can try, thanks for the heads up, I'll do some stretching before hand."

For the rest of the week, I was pretty horny thinking about what Alex and Adam had planned for Friday's sex party.  I did my stretches, making sure I used my butt plug daily.

Friday afternoon finally came around.  Some of the boys that Alex and I know, who don't know about my sexual preferences/activities, swung by my place for some Friday drinks.  It was a good thing because it took my mind off the coming sex party and a few drinks took the edge off my nervousness.  Alex and Adam's place is a ten minute walk, which considering I had a couple of drinks, I thought I should walk instead of driving.

I arrived right on half past eight.

There were no cars.... nobody else was there.

Alex answered the door wearing a suit and tie, he welcomed me into his home and we went into the kitchen where Adam was pouring the three of us another drink.  Adam was also wearing a suit.  Well all shook hands in greeting.

(I think it is hilarious how many times I meet guys for sex and we greet each other with a handshake, and within minutes we are inside each other.)

The two of them obviously had an inside joke going because apart from them wearing suits and ties and me wearing shorts and a t-shirt, they couldn't stop giggling and I had a feeling it was at my expense.  It felt a little bit rude but, I trust these guys and I was thinking they had something pretty amazing in mind and while we have had some pretty crazy sexual adventures together, everyone has played safe and been respectful in the past.

After some small chat I had to ask, "What is going on guys?"

Adam then explained that everyone else was arriving at nine, not five minutes early, not five minutes late.

"Do you guys want me to go home and grab a suit?"  I asked.

"Ow Dave, you didn't notice the living/lounge room did you?"

I hadn't noticed what Adam was about to show me.  Ten dining table style chairs in a circle.  And a bench in the middle.  The kind of bench you have in a locker room; long, narrow and pretty low to the ground.

Owwww.... this looked exciting.  I told you these guys can host a sex party!

Adam saw that I appreciated what he had in mind.

"Dave, even your mind can't fathom  what we have in mind for you. I think it is time to talk about a safe word."

Owwww.... this is getting serious.

For the next ten minutes or so the three of us laughed about what safe word to choose.

The actual safe word is something I'm not going to share with you guys here.  If you are a member you can email me and I'll tell you what it was but it isn't really important.  Keeping this to myself also allows me to filter out some of the fans who might (probably will) email me saying they were there that night.

Standing there looking at what the guys had setup got me stirring in the front of my speedos.  But, Alex said that time was ticking and that I should get ready.  I was told to strip down to my speedos, which I did.  Adam returned to the room with a handful of red, Speedo brand, speedos.  I had never thought of using speedos as bondage but as Adam and Alex began securing the speedos to my hands I couldn't believe the genius of it.  Then they secured more red speedos to my ankles.

"Would you like some pre-lube Dave?"  Alex asked me.

"Do you think I'll need it?"

The answer was in the affirmative so I pulled down my speedo and bent over the bench in the middle of the room.  As usual, I had shaved and thoroughly cleaned my arsehole and Alex did comment on how tastey it looked.  He squirted lube on my arsehole and then began massaging it in.  He wasn't skimping on the lube and I felt very slippery by the time he finished.

Adam had left the room while Alex was lubing me up and he walked in as I was doing up the drawstring on my speedo.  I had tied a single bow but Alex came up and triple knotted it.  He didn't want me taking them off.

"We are about two minutes out Dave, you ready?"

With that Adam pulled out a carabiner (piece of climbing equipment), he asked me to stand on the bench.  He got up on it with me and attached me to the roof.  Each red speedo on my wrist went through the carabiner which then went through a hook that was bolted to the ceiling.  Adam got off the bench and then told me to spread my legs.  He instructed me to not do it too far but comfortably spread which I did.  He then attached the speedos on my ankles to the ends of the bench.

This was a first for me and if I had been wearing a cap, I'd had tipped it to Alex and Adam for this setup.  The speedos on my wrists and ankles were soft and had a bit of stretch in them so no where near as uncomfortable compared to when I've been tied up with rope in the past.

Alex then returned to the room with a tray of champagne flutes and I was told that things were about to get under way.

In the hallway I heard Adam greeting the other invitees to the sex party and the guests thanking Alex for the champagne.  It takes a minute or two but then I can feel their presence at the entry into the living area, which is behind me and I can't see them.

Adam announces that I am the bottom for the evening and that the guests should have a look.

Then I am surrounded by a group of guys, their hands are all over me, my chest, my thighs and all over my speedo.  Particularly all over my speedo.  It feels like there isn't an inch of the lycra that doesn't have someones hand touching it.

My cock was semi hard to start and with all that attention it became rock solid.  There were ten guys in total (including Alex and Adam) and they were all dressed in suits and ties.  Just normal looking guys, maybe I should say a normal group of slightly gay looking guys.  Most would have been mid thirties to mid forties, couple of skinny guys, two bearded guys but overall a pretty good looking bunch from what I could see.

Adam, as usual, was in control and after a few minutes of being surrounded by these men Adam asked them all to take a seat.

It seemed like a few of the guys knew each other from their conversation but there were some strangers and there was some handshaking going on and some light introductions.  Alex was getting everyone more drinks and while he did that, I stood, bound in the middle of the room, hard on stretching the front of my speedo feeling very exposed.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour, everyone had a fresh drink and Alex took his seat.  Ten guys, all sitting around me.

Adam began to speak.

He explained that everyone had been told the rules of the evening but for the benefit of the Bottom (sounds like that is what they were calling me), he'd repeat them.  Everyone had an envelop under their chair which had the number of their turn (to fuck me).  The person one number ahead could be asked to help with my bonds and with the permissions of that number, could use my mouth.  The person whose turn it was, was only allowed to fuck me.

Then Adam said it was time to get this show under way.... who is Number One?

The guys in front of me, the ones that I could see, reached under their chairs and pulled out their envelopes.  They were all shaking their heads, from behind me I heard in a deep voice, "I'm Number One."  Then I heard Adam's voice saying that he is Number Two.

Adam asked the Number One if he wanted a hand getting me in a position which the Number One accepted.

Number One stood on the bench with me and reached up to unhook me from the roof.  It was one of the bearded guys, around forty years old, taller and heavier than me and he smelt like a man.  He reached up and undid the carabiner from the ceiling and it felt good to have my arms below my head again.  He hadn't unhooked the carabiner from the speedos on both of my wrists, so I was still kind of handcuffed.  Standing on the bench I wobbled a little because my legs were still tied in.  Number One asked Adam to undo my ankles and held on to me around my waist and told me, "It will be OK Bottom, I'll be gentle."

I didn't believe him for a minute.

Adam undid my ankles and I was put face down on the bench, my hands were tied in to the front leg of the bench with a carabiner but my legs were left free.  Being face down I couldn't see what was going on.

I felt, what I assumed was Number One, grab the waist band of my speedos and try and yank them down.  Remember, Adam triple knotted the drawstring so they weren't going anywhere.  Turns out, it was all a plan of Adam's and I was about to find out why I was told to wear a pair of old speedos.

Adam announced that someone needs to cut an access hole in my speedos.....

"Bottom, pick a number between two and eleven."


Turns out that Number Four was a guy I could see since he was sitting in front of me.  He stood up and took a pair of scissors from Adam, right in front of me so I could see.

They disappeared out of my field of vision.

I could feel Number Four grabbing the butt of my speedo and then I could hear the scissors cutting through the lycra.  He asked Number One if that was acceptable, which it was.

Number Four came back in to my view and sat down. I heard a belt jingling and then a zipper, I'm assuming it was Number One flopping it out.  I saw so horny and my arse was hungry to get fucked.  But Number One was taking his time,  my arse was in the air waiting for him there were nine other guys watching and waiting for their turns.  The guys that I could see in front of me were all rubbing their cocks through their suit pants.

Then, Number One grabbed my hips with his power hands, I felt this thighs against my butt cheeks.  And finally, I felt his cock at my backdoor.  As Number One slid his cock inside me, it took my breath away.  Remember, I couldn't see anything so had no idea how big his cock was.  I think it was pretty big.  He gave me a couple of gentle strokes to make sure everything was nicely lubed up and then he started pounding away.

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