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My First Sexual Experiences
Author - Me, Dave 'Speedo' Evans

I was in late high school and my best friend was 'Stephen', not his real name but neither of us are 'out' so I think he'd appreciate me using an alias. Now he has two kids and a wife.

We were best mates, a bit nerdy at school and while neither of us were athletes, we played everything; swimming, tennis, golf, rugby, piano, you name it we did it like most Aussie kids. Both Stephen and I were members of a Surf Life Saving Club so we had to hang out in speedos when doing life saving stuff but otherwise we would wear dork shorts. I don't think either of us were comfortable wearing speedos and I remember having a near permanent erection in my teenage years which made me very nervous when I knew I'd have to wear only a speedo.

While we had both kissed and felt some girls up at school dances, we really didn't get much attention from girls and we weren't even close to getting laid.

I wish I could go back and visit myself then and tell my younger self that it will all be OK, I won't die a virgin, which was a thought in the back of my mind.

At the time I don't think Stephen or I thought of ourselves as gay or even bisexual at all. I had always liked the way speedos felt and used them when I was masturbating, which was rather prolific, and I had trouble not getting an erection every time I put on a pair of speedos but again I remember pretty much being horny the whole time no matter what.

One summer my parents had moved into a new house and there was a pool in the backyard, there was a bit of land and the pool was away from the house with a small games room which had a bathroom and shower in it, some old couches and a TV. As usual, Stephen and I hung out all summer. Also that summer, Stephen discovered his Dads porno collection..... it was a bunch of old VHS videos. To a pair of horny teenagers, this was like discovering gold.

As summer started, our parents would hang out and have dinner parties and stuff so whenever they came over, Stephen would 'borrow' a movie from his Dad's collection and bring it over to my house. Later in the evening when we knew the parents wouldn't bother us, Stephen and I would be down in the pool house and start watching these horrible, grainy old porno movies. I'm sure looking back I'd be ashamed of watching it, particularly considering the movie archive that I've build up on this site.

When these evenings started we would both be in our usual attire, board shorts with speedos under them since we were in and out of the pool all day. We'd both be watching these movies, both with erections straining the front of our speedos. To start, we didn't do anything but we've both have to 'go to the bathroom' when it became too much.

We both knew what the other was doing but at first we pretended not to.

Over a few weeks, we both got a little braver....

The first 'sexual' act between Stephen and I was after a few nights of watching the porno movies. We were rubbing our cocks with our shorts still on. And by rubbing our cocks, just our own cocks, no touching yet.

We were still running off to the bathroom when we got too close.

Then on the third night I'm guessing, Stephen got too close and came in his speedos. I still remember they were just a classic black lycra speedo. He was embarrassed but by now I was starting to want more than just getting horny in each others company. I tried to reassure Stephen and told him I was close to cumming too and once I did, we'll go jump in the pool.

So I put my hand down the front of my board shorts, kept watching the movie and before long I was filling the front of my speedo with cum.

I'll admit, I felt a little guilty/weird as well. That was the end of that evening and we went and jumped in the pool.

A couple of weeks later, the same routine happened.... neither of us had said a word about the first time we came in front of each other and I was hoping that Stephen hadn't been scared off. Thankfully he wasn't and he brought over another movie from his Dad's collection.

We were both pretty coy to start but it is funny how once you get horny you get a lot braver and some inhibitions disappear.

Stephen had made the first move last time by cumming in his speedos and I had been thinking about what I'd do this time so once we were both horny, rubbing the outside of our board shorts, I told Stephen that I was going to take off my shorts "So I don't get them messy", was my justification.

At first Stephen sat on the couch next to me still wearing his board shorts while I was down to my black lycra speedos, but after a few minutes he decided to remove his shorts.

Thankfully the parents never came down to the pool house, there was this crappy old intercom system that they would use when it was time for Stephen to go home or if they wanted us to come back up to the house. Can you imagine if anyone walked in, the two of us, down to our black speedos, raging boners watching Stephen's Dad's porn collection!

It didn't take long before we were both cumming in our speedos. Since it was a mess we got up and headed for the pool, this time just wearing our speedos.

At this point I still hadn't seen Stephen's cock, but that would change the next time.

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