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Taking a Monster Cock
Author - Me (Dave 'Speedo' Evans

A few months ago I was asked to head up to a friend of mines family farm to help out with some bush fire mitigation. They were afraid of a fire spreading and taking out their property.

In the end, their property wasn’t effected by the fire but I enjoyed helping out in the bush for a week and they are good friends. I could tell you some fun stories about hanging out on the farm but that isn’t what I really want to share with you guys. On the drive up to the farm, I spent a night at a cheap hotel and what happened in the hotel pool is something that I thought you might be interested in.

I left my place (about an hour and a half north of Sydney on the coast) a little later than I expected so instead of driving right though I thought I’d spend the night somewhere on the way up. I picked a hotel near the beach so I could get up for a morning swim before getting to the farm the next day. The hotel also had a pool/spa (spa is what we call a hottub). I got to to the hotel about 7pm, checked in and since I wasn’t hungry just thought I’d pull my laptop out, do some work, have a couple of drinks, fall asleep and get up early. That wasn’t quite what happened.

As you might be able to imagine, in my line of work I often get turned on by what I’m working on. I was working on a promotional video and it was pretty hot. So, there I am sitting in my hotel room, wearing my black Arena speedos and getting horny watching my own speedo porn.

So, I grabbed my phone and checked out one of those online hookup apps.

My profile photo does feature me wearing the little black speedo I was wearing at that time.

After turning the app on, my phone started blowing up, beeping with interest from other horny guys on this Wednesday night at about 8pm.

I finished what I was doing work wise, poured another drink and looked at the app. As usual nine of ten of the messages were guys with no photo, no information about themselves and their messages were “Hey”. I totally don’t understand that at. I’m not kidding when I say that nine of ten messages I receive are “Hey”.

I just turned this app thing on because I want to fuck, I’ve put up a photo of me and I filled in my age and my preference and a brief description. Guys message me with “Hey”…..

Of course, I deleted the guys who didn’t make an effort.

I did have one response that stood out. The guy didn’t have a photo on his profile but he sent a nice message. Lets call him Tony. Tony, complimented me on my speedos, said he loves a guy in speedos. Tony is thirty-nine years old, married (to a woman), likes playing with guys on the side. He sent me through a photo of him at the beach, wearing dork shorts unfortunately, with his wife and he had blurred her face out which I thought was pretty cool (discretion is important to me). When he sent the photo through he apologized for wearing dork shorts but said his wife doesn’t like him wear speedos in public.

What was interesting is the app said that Tony was 127 meters away.

Once we established that both of us were fair dinkum I told Tony what hotel I was staying at…. he was at the same hotel.

He told me that the pool was nice and being a Wednesday night is should be pretty quiet. Would I like to meet him down there?

I told Tony I’d be there in two minutes…. but, no dork shorts. Speedos only. Which he agreed to.

At that moment Kip (the guy who keeps all my online stuff running) messaged me and I had to do some stuff for him so it wasn’t two minutes, it was more like twenty minutes before I poured another drink and left my hotel room for the hotel pool. I did message Tony and told him I’d be down, just a little while longer.

I was rushing but finally I walked out of my hotel room and headed to the pool area.

It was after closing time and I thought that maybe I had missed my window of opportunity…. but the door to the pool was left ajar.

I opened it, and I closed it, making sure it wasn’t left ajar.

Walking into the very well lit pool area there was only one person sharing the space with me. Tony. Sitting on the edge of the spa he looked just like the photo he had sent through but this time wearing a classic black speedo brand speedo. Tony is big. A real mans man and if we still had lumber jacks, that is what Tony would be. He looked his full six and a half foot tall, outweighed me by probably one hundred pounds. Big barrel chest, hairy but not Greek hairy, just masculine hairy. And what his speedo was trying to conceal looked big and powerful too.

I ripped off my shirt, dropped my towel, went over to Tony and introduced myself by giving him a glass of scotch. I apologized for my tardiness and he seemed really cool.

Tony told me that he had bribed the night manager to let us use the spa after closing by giving him $50 and told the young guy that he’d get a bit of a show on the security cameras and was welcome to join us if he wanted. Tony said that he met the guy when he checked in and he seemed very gay. The night manager seemed a little too timid to join us but seemed to like the idea of a ‘show’.

We were sitting on opposite sides of the hottub just chatting. Tony said he does a little travel with work and has had some pretty good luck hooking up with guys at his hotel. He loves speedos and said that wearing a speedo at hotel pools has gotten him laid on more than a few occasions. I couldn’t agree more with his sentiments and experience. Wearing a speedo has gotten me laid on many occasions when wearing dork shorts just wouldn’t have created the right vibe or portrayed my intentions or given the impression that I like guys. Maybe I’m reading too much in to my experiences but hearing Tony talk about cheating on his wife with random guys was getting me horny.

I put down my drink and moved across the spa.

Now that I was there, Tony didn’t need to be rubbing that monster cock of his, I could help him out with that.

Erotic Gay Stories

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