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Here are some sample movie clips - I change these every week so check back next week for some more hot speedo movie samples.

Skyy and Ben
Movie Length:
22 mins and 13 secs
Description: I love speedo porn which involves the 'Pool Boy' fantasy. These two studs looks great in their speedos and the 'Pool Boy' does a great job sucking and then being fucked hard..

Speedo Students Hottub Session
Movie Length:
25 mins and 33 secs
Description: This is probably my favourite of the Hawaii Speedo Student's sex scenes. He is in the hottub with another super cute young guy and their hands do some wandering... and then they get down to business..

Little Max, Takes a Big Cock
Movie Length:
28 mins and 27 secs
Description: This reminds me of some of my first gay experiences. Hanging out by the pool, wearing speedos and then things get horny. Speedos come off, cocks get hard and well you can watch what else happens.

Japanese Speedo Guy
Asian Speedo Guy

S is an online friend of mine who happens to live about an hour south of me.

After chatting online for months we finally hooked up. Jesus he is hot, early 20's, Japanese guy who moved to Australia in his mid teens. He is a competitive diver and I don't think I have ever seen anyone look so hot in speedos.

I've written (and will write more) about what we have gotten up to.

- Our Beach Threesome Experience

- Gallery of S's Speedo Selfies
- S's Twitter Account
- S's OnlyFans

Cute Aussie Couple
Cute Aussie Couple

This is the photo set from a profession shoot featuring two young Aussie guys from Melbourne.

I'm told it was filmed at the pool of a Melbourne gym after hours and everyone involved was looking over their shoulder in case they got caught.

The two young guys are really cute and look great in their speedos.

Enjoy this sample photos shoot, and if you are a member, enjoy the 25 minute video.

- Photo Shoot
- Join Now and Watch the Video


My own sexual experiences

MMF Threesome

I love writing and I love sex, so combining the two is something I really enjoy. Over the years I've written about my sexual experiences in great detail and it is something I share with members of this site.

There is quite a library growing and I also have lots of stories that have turned me on, some written by other members.

To ensure the discretion of my speedo fuck buddies (and myself) most of my stories are proected and for members only. Bu

  • Sexual Tension @ the Pool
    (oral, anal, public, bathroom, stranger)
    On Thursday there was this hot guy at the pool and I could swear he was checking me out and trying to hit on me. I couldn't do anything about it at the time but on Friday I was back and so was my fellow swimmer

    I don't want to give it all away, but we very nearly got caught in the showers after our swim. Hope you enjoy reading about it.

  • Two Quarantine Cops Use My Holes
    (anal, bareback, police, speedos, oral)
    I expected my two weeks in hotel quarantine to be boring and sexless. On day one I was caught jerking off, with a butt plug inside me, by one of the police on security duty.

  • Hit on by a Married Guy @ the Pool
    (speedos, MM, older/younger, married, str8 guys, AussieBum)
    The Married Guy randomly started talking to me about my AussieBum speedos at the pool one day and over a few weeks I realized that the Married Guy was interested in getting inside my speedos. This is the first part of this experience which may well have many parts to follow.

  • Beach Daddy Sucks Me Off
    (oral, hookup, speedos, older, bear)
    I gave this hot older speedo guy a nod and a grin as I walked past him on the beach. He took my hint and followed me up to my house. He didn't want a beer but wanted me to help him with the bulge in his speedo which I was more than happy to help out with

  • First time with Alex
    Written April 2014
    (MM, speedos, oral, masturbation)
    Alex is a str8 guy who is a friend of a friend and I ran into him at the pool. Turns out Alex has a huge speedo fetish but this was his first time with another guy.

    Alex and I are still fuck buddies today (7 years later) and I've written a lot about his sexual awakening. If you enjoy this first part, you'll love reading about what else we have gotten up to.

  • Fucking the Swim Coach
    (anal, oral, cum swallowing, speedos)
    I found out that my new swim coach is gay and I texted him asking if he would like to hook up. He asked me what time. There wasn't much foreplay when I opened the door. In no time at all I was fucking the Swim Coach.

  • Taking a Monster Cock
    (anal, hotel, speedos, hookup, grindr, pool)
    Overnight stop on a road trip and one of the other hotel guests and I meet each other at the pool. Tony had one of the biggest cocks I have even taken.....

  • Jeff's Blowjob
    (speedos, blowjob, hottub, cheating)
    Sitting in the hottub with Jeff, after his girlfriend had gone to bed, he admits to me that he used to suck off a senior on his college swim team. It wasn't long before Jeff was showing me his long lost blowjob skills.

  • Her Boyfriend Really is Bisexual
    (speedos, threesome, bisexual, blowjob)
    Kip's sister has a new dirtbag boyfriend and at dinner he claimed to be bisexual. Thing is, he has never done anything bisexual, he just likes the concept. Things would cum to a head when my cock was just inches from his lips... is he really bisexual?

  • My First Sexual Experience
    (speedos, virgin, cum, solo, masturbation)

    I've finally gotten around to writing about my first sexual experiences. It was with my best friend Stephen and things started off slowly and we were both super nervous.... but we were both super horny teenagers which in the end overcame our nervousness.

  • Sex Safari - Byron Bay Foursome
    (MMMM, speedos, anal, group)

    A member of this site, and his boyfriend were travelling Australia's East Coast and Alex and I caught up with them on our Sex Safari. Alex got fucked by all three of us consecutively.

Stories Written by Members
Gay Photo Shoot
  • Three Poker Dad's Fuck Me
    (anal, cum, foursome, older)
    Looking for a little extra money during COVID this current member ends up at a poker game that isn't really a poker game with three Dad's that he knew growing up..
  • Anonymous Shower Fuck
    (anal, speedos, non-consentual)
    The steam from the showers concealed the identity of the guy who fucked me bareback. To this day I don't know who it was.

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