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Lake Powell Threesome
Author - Me, Aussie Speedo Guy
Written: July 2016

I've recently seen some pics of some really hot speedo guys hanging out at Lake Powell and it brought back fond memories of the one time I visited. At the time I wrote about it on my blog ( and I've combined some blog posts for you guys to read about my Lake Powell experience.

Hey guys, I am heading to the US for a bucks weekend (AKA - bachelor weekend, I can't believe the number of people who have never heard the term 'Bucks Weekend').  It is a friend of my friend Kip. Kip, who I've met a bunch of times and snowboarded with, hottubed with, had lots of crazy sex with when I visit Colorado, was invited to the party and I'm going to be his plus one.

It is a gay couple and the guys are renting a couple of huge house boats on Lake Powell.  It looks gorgeous and the weather should be nice and hot in the Utah/Arizona desert.  I'm flying into Denver and heading up to Kip's and pretty much straight away we are on the road for the nine hour drive across where we'll spend July 4th on the water.

I have never been to a gay bucks party before and I really am not sure what to expect... will it be just days of debauchery or will it be sedate?  You can bet that as soon as I find out I will be informing you guys about it.

Speedos will be packed and a solid supply of condoms and lube as well of course.....

My trip to Lake Powell for a bucks/bachelor weekend was fantastic!

Lake Powell is part of a hydro/irrigation scheme on the Colorado River and it is down on the Utah/Arizona border.  I've never been down that way and the scenery was just awesome, the weather was perfect and I couldn't believe the water - fresh water that was clean and warm.... beats salt water any day.

The boat was speedo friendly, and Kip and I weren't the only ones to wear speedos pretty much the entire time.

Here are the speedos that I took with me: my black nylon Corka's, my Aussie flag Turbos, my black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos and my red Arena speedos.  The photos below are near where we tied the boat up.... I'm wearing the red Arena's at the time.

I have a bunch of photos from the trip, in the interests of privacy for me and the other guys, I will only be publishing those photos behind the members area.  Also, there was a guy that joined Kip and I in our bedroom most nights.  He loved speedos and he just sent me a bunch of speedo selfies of his which I'll be sharing with you guys as well.

As I said yesterday, Lake Powell was awesome. Kip and I barely wore anything other than just speedos the entire time which is something I don’t even get to do here at home in Australia because I have random people dropping by all the time.

There were thirteen of us one the boat and if you consider Kip and I a couple, it was six couples and one single guy (Jason).  Kip and I had our own room with a double bed, two of the couples pitched tents (hehehe) on the top deck of fhe boat.  Everyone kind of had their own space.

Poor Jason was going to camp on the top deck but for three nights he ended up sleeping with Kip and I.

Probably half the guys wore speedos anytime they got wet but Jason, Kip and I were the ones who wore speedos ALL the time.

I’m sure I’ve made the argument before, and I will make it again.  Speedos are an ice breaker and the first afternoon when we finally got the houseboat out of the marina Kip and I knew that we would be fucking Jason somehow, someway during the trip.

The first night Jason just snuck into our room as Kip and I were making out in our speedos (Kip wearing some navy AussieBums, me wearing my ADIDAS 3-stripe and Jason wearing a pair of classic black lycra speedos).  Kip and I had joked that we expected Jason any minute.  The next morning nobody else on the boat commented but I’m sure they all knew what was going on.

That first full day everyone was a little hung over so it was a slow start and everyone was in and out of the water.  As the afternoon approached Kip and I decided to go on a hike to see if we could get up high on the mesa (that is a new word for me), we asked if anyone else wanted to come along and Jason was the only taker.  The three of us set off in tennis/running shoes and our speedos (I was wearing my red Arena speedos, Kip was wearing my Aussie flag Turbo speedos and Jason was wearing his black lycra speedo brand speedos.  I took a pack and put the usual supplies, water, towel, beer, condoms and lube).

The hike was nice and when we reached the mesa I finally got an idea of the lay of the land.  The three of us sat down and enjoyed a beer and the view.

I don’t think I finished my beer before Jason was rubbing the front of Kip’s Turbo speedos.  I love watching anyone have sex so I was happy to sit back and enjoy the show.  As the good friend that I am, I pulled out the condoms and lube so they were handy when Jason and Kip needed them.  It doesn’t take a genius to realize that I was 100% hard and straining the front of my red speedos.

One thing led to another, Kip’s Turbo speedos were removed (the material in Turbo speedos is really high quality but not very elastic), Jason’s cock was out the leg of his speedo and he began fucking Kip.

Watching this was pretty hot.  I wanted some and I had an idea… a position that I have seen but never tried.

Kip was on his knees and I managed to get under him and put a condom on.  I pulled the bum of my red speedos down, squired some lube between my cheeks and backed up under Kip.  I think they call this a train.

It was a little awkward but Kip managed to slide his cock inside me... while he was being fucked by Jason.

How hot is this!!!  Three guys, two still wearing their speedos with a naked Kip between us up high with the sky above us.  Ow yeah, we each still had our shoes on – haha. The three of us were moaning and our primal noises echoed off the sandstone walls. Anyone within a mile would have heard us for sure, but I don't think there was. Kip was the first to cum and as I felt him spasm it set Jason off whose orgasm came on with a rush. The clenching of Kip's arsehole from his orgasm was too much for Jason.

Erotic Gay Stories

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