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Speedo Bondage with Alex
Author - Me, Dave 'Speedo' Evans

The response I've been getting from my experiences with Alex over the last couple of months has been phenomenal. I really appreciate the feedback and because of it here is another installment of Alex's sexual awakening.

Alex and I have been busy lately and haven't caught up for some naughty fun in a few weeks. The last time we caught up I showed Alex my new butt plugs and I put the smallest one inside him and sucked him off. I then let Alex fuck me and he fucked me hard!!!

It is one of Alex's goals to be able to take a good anal pounding and even before we began our sexual experiences, Alex's girlfriend would finger him when sucking him off and Alex has admitted to fingering himself when masturbating. When Tim joined us for a beach fuck (click here to read that story) Alex was excited to try his first 'real' anal experience but I wasn't sure he was ready. While he was sucking Tim off, I lubed him up, fignered him for a few minutes and I got the head of my cock inside him but I didn't want to take it too quick and start pounding away.

Yesterday I got a text from Alex:

Dave, up for some fun tomorrow morning? I think I'm ready.

I knew exactly what that meant. Alex thought he was ready for some real anal sex. One thing on Alex's sexual bucket list (click here to read that story) is to be tied up and fucked by 2 guys. I don't think he is quite ready for that but I think that being tied up for his first real fucking could be something that he'd like.

I'm not really into too much hardcore bondage, I'm not into gags but being tied up and teased is something I love having done to me, and doing to others, I probably like it more being done to me but I figured I'd be able to show Alex a good time.

Now I'll finally get to what happened when Alex finally arrived......

Alex arrived and as usual I was wearing nothing but a pair of black speedo brand speedos. We made out as soon as the door shut and I managed to get him out of his clothes and down to a pair of AussieBum speedos that he was wearing under his jeans.

We then moved to the shower, and by this time we had barely said a word to each other. Alex had to walk through my room to the shower and he saw all the equipment I had out ready for him. Rope, butt plugs, vibrator, lube, condoms and some spare towels.

Getting into the shower, we didn't remove our speedos, not straight away anyway. We continued to make out and both of us were incredibly turned on. I'm pleasantly surprised just how much Alex loves making out. I'm a huge fan and often for me I can be on the edge of orgasm and a kiss will put me over the edge. After a few minutes of this I thought I'd get things moving. I started undoing the drawstring on Alex's black AussieBums. I had to break off our kiss to see what I was doing and I saw a HUGE SMILE on Alex's face. It was enough to make me laugh. I asked him if he was ready and of course anytime it was too much to just let me know. Alex said that he was up for it and thought he was in 'good hands'.

With Alex's drawstring finally undone, I pulled the front of his AussieBum speedos down and released his engorged cock. I motioned for Alex to turn around, I got on my knees and I pulled the AussieBums down over his perfect arse. Alex's speedo tan is getting better as well with our daytime swimming.

I pulled Alex's AussieBums all the way down and let water run through his arse crack. I ran my hand up and down it a few times and Alex was already moaning with pleasure facing the wall of the shower.

Then I pulled his arse cheeks apart and my tongue touched his arsehole.

Alex flinched and I pulled back. Before I could ask him if it was OK he told me that was amazing.

I got back in there.

Alex was REALLY enjoying his first ever rimjob!!! I kept working away on his smooth arsehole and his moaning increased. Then I reached between his legs, which Alex has spread as wide as was comfortable. I grabbed Alex's rock hard cock with my right hand and started stroking him.

I'm right handed when I jerk off and my expert stroking (c'mon, we are all experts at jerking off with our favourite hand) had Alex on the edge pretty quickly.

I wanted Alex to cum with my tongue in his arse and that is what happened. Alex exploded over the wall of the shower and I could feel his spasm through his arsehole. He took a little while to settle down and I waited until he was completely spent before I left his arsehole alone. Even with the water from the shower Alex's cum was oozing down my right hand and I felt it on my arm.

Now it was my turn to cum.

Standing up, my knees hurt a little but it was worth it. Alex still had that big, gorgeous smile on his face. I asked him if I liked it and it was a big YES!!!

Now it was my turn to cum, by this stage I had been rock hard, straining the front of my speedos for more than 10 minutes. I asked Alex if he wouldn't mind sucking me off. Alex's answer was to get on his knees and start playing with my cock through the lycra of my speedos.

Alex has cum a long way since his first cock sucking but I was that horny it really wouldn't have mattered. As Alex pulled my cock out the leg of my speedos I told him to finger me which he got right into to. To tell the truth it was more of a arsehole rubbing but that was all I needed. Before long I was cumming into Alex's mouth and I noticed that he was pretty hard again. Alex really cleaned up my cock and didn't let a drop of cum go to waste. Before he had a chance to tuck my cock back into my speedos I pulled him up and kissed him deeply.

Since we had gotten the foreplay over with I thought it was time to move to the main event. Alex and I left our speedos on the floor of the shower.

You guys know I like to keep speedos on as much as possible BUT.... what I had in mind for Alex was going to require a little more acces. So I told him to get on the bed, face down with a few pillows under his stomach.

I put on my new pair of red Arena speedos..... I won't be needing access to my cock for a little while.

I only have one pair of handcuffs so I tied Alex's hands to the ends of the bed. Then I tied his knees under the bed so that he was kinda kneeling. Maybe not kneeling as much as offering up his arse. I tied his ankles to the bottom corners of the bed as well. It sort of looked like this......

It ook me a good five minutes to get Alex nice and secure.

I was in no rush though.

To start things off I wanted Alex to relax so I got some lube, well, it was a lot. And I rubbed it into him. I took my time and inserted up to two fingers in him which Alex was enjoying. I admit that I was pitching a tent in my red speedos by now as well.

Then I grabbed the smallest of my new butt plugs. Alex had taken this one the other day while we were playing around on the couch and it is pretty easy to get in. Very very slowly I slipped it into him. I didn't just slide it in one motion, I slid it in and out a little bit but not too much.

I did finally get it all the way in past the base.

I don't know about you guys but keeping a butt plug in for me takes a little concentration. Very doable but I couldn't hold it in just from my arsehole muscles all day. And I figured that Alex would have trouble with it as well. So I whispered in his ear:

You better keep this in while I grab a drink or you get the big one.

And with that, I left the biggest butt plug in the set next to his head. Now this butt plug is big. Bigger than an average dick that is for sure and the first time I played with it, I had some trouble but I did get it in as I was approaching orgasm. There is no way I'd put this in Alex just yet but maybe in a few weeks.

I walked out of the room and grabbed a couple of drinks (still before midday so just some OJ).

I wasn't away long but I didn't rush. When I came back in the smallest butt plug has leaked out of Alex's butt and was lying between his legs.....

Ow ow..... Alex is in trouble. I reached over him and picked up the big butt plug and I told him that this was going to hurt, just a little bit. From behind Alex he couldn't tell that I had swapped the big butt plug for the medium sized one. I started rubbing the medium butt plug up and down his arse getting it nice and lubed up.

Alex asked me if I was sure and I assured him that he'd be fine and to let me know if it wasn't. He said OK.

This time when I began inserting the butt plug I was a lot slower. I twisted it and made sure it was really well lubed up. This is the biggest thing Alex has ever had in his arse and he seemed to be enjoying it.

Over a good 5 or 10 minutes I slowly got this butt plug all the way in. Alex said he was being 'stretched' but he wanted me to keep going. When it was all the way in, then I had to get it out and we all know, TAKE IT SLOW!!! I spent nearly as much time slowing working the butt plug out of Alex as I did getting it in. I was congratulating him all the while, he still thinks that he took the BIG one.

One last step before I would get to fuck that arse.....

I have this blue vibrator which I love. It isn't too big, the vibration gets me off super quick and I thought I'd really fuck Alex with it before I did.

This time I wasn't as slow as I was with the butt plugs which were all about stretching. I lubed it up and stuffed it in Alex's arse. He took it just fine, it is a bit smaller than the last one he had. I really started pounding this little vibrator in adn out of Alex and he liked it.

After a little while it was my turn.

I pull the front of my red speedos down below my balls, I put on a condom, lubed my cock up really good.

I got behind Alex and his arsehole was just begging me to fuck it. I asked Alex if he was ready. He just about begged me to fuck him.

Very slowly I entered Alex. I slid my cock about half way, maybe a little more. Alex loved it and so did I. Something about my hands on his hips. I stopped and I felt him move back towards me, wanting more of my cock. Then I started thrusting. Not that quickly and I made sure I didn't pop out.

After the 3rd or 4th stroke we were both riding with it. I wanted to just start slamming away but I took it slow. Alex was moaning super loud and pulling against the ropes on his hands. I think without him being tied up he would have thrown me off my rythm and I would have been balls deep.

Another good thing was that we had both cum already. I would have blown my load if I hadn't half an hour earlier.

We were both starting to get a rhythm. I had one hand on Alex's hip and one on the back of his neck. Then Alex really started to moan and thrust against me.

It was time.

I grabbed Alex's hips with both hands and really started fucking him. Alex's cock was rubbing against the pillows and towels under him but otherwise weren't being touched. Then we both came.

I bent over and kissed Alex's neck and he talked me and I definitely thanked him.


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