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My own sexual experiences
  • Fucking the Swim Coach
    Written April 2019
    (anal, oral, cum swallowing, speedos)
    I found out that my new swim coach is gay and I texted him asking if he would like to hook up. He asked me what time. There wasn't much foreplay when I opened the door. In no time at all I was fucking the Swim Coach.
  • New Foursome Position
    Written March 2019
    (anal, bareback, foursome, speedos, group)
    The first Friday after I got back from Colorado my old fuck buddy Kip invited me over for a naughty session. Turns out Alex and his boyfriend had a new foursome position in mind and needed me to help make it happen.
  • Performing for Aspen Sugar Daddy
    Written February 2019
    (bondage, bareback, anal, cum, voyeur, exhibitionist)
    Kip and I were offered a free weekend in Aspen... all we had to do was let this rich Wall Street guy watch us fuck. I love putting on a show so we thought we'd give it a try. This is the first part of the weekend.
  • Jeff Learning to Suck Cock
    Written February 2019
    (speedos, blowjob, college, forced, shower, public)
    After sucking me off on Friday, it seems to have rekindled some old habits for Jeff. He decided to write about his gay experiences when he was a college freshman on the swim team. Read the story 'Jeff Sucking Me Off' first.
  • Jeff Sucking Me Off
    Written February 2019
    (speedos, blowjob, hottub, cheating)
    Sitting in the hottub with Jeff, after his girlfriend had gone to bed, he admits to me that he used to suck off a senior on his college swim team. It wasn't long before Jeff was showing me his long lost blowjob skills.
  • Her Boyfriend Really is Bisexual
    Written December 2018
    (speedos, threesome, bisexual, blowjob)
    Kip's sister has a new dirtbag boyfriend and at dinner he claimed to be bisexual. Thing is, he has never done anything bisexual, he just likes the concept. Things would cum to a head when my cock was just inches from his lips... is he really bisexual?
  • Married Guy Fucks Me.... HARD!!!
    Written October 2017
    (speedos, anal, first time, cum)
    This was the second part of my first sexual experience with the Married Guy who I met at the pool. He had never fucked a guy before and he pounded me hard
  • Watching a str8 have oral sex on the beach
    Written August 2017
    (speedos, MF, oral, exhibition, voyeur)
    I went to the local nude beach to work on my speedo tan and a very exhibitionist couple gave me quite the show performing oral sex on the beach near me.
  • Oral Sex with a Married Guy
    Written June 2017
    (speedos, MM, older/younger, married, str8 guys, oral, cum)
    After weeks of back and forth and not really knowing what his motivations were, the Married Guy came over to my place on a Friday afternoon and we sucked each others cocks.
  • Hit on by a Married Speedo Guy
    Written June 2017
    (speedos, MM, older/younger, married, str8 guys, AussieBum)
    The Married Guy randomly started talking to me about my AussieBum speedos at the pool one day and over a few weeks I realized that the Married Guy was interested in getting inside my speedos. This is the first part of this experience which may well have many parts to follow.
  • My First Threesome
    Written May 2005
    (speedos, MFM, MMF, bisex, threesome)
    This threesome.was what got me to start my blog AussieSpeedoGuy.org. It was amazingly hot, I was wearing my AussieBum Portsea's and I just wanted to share what an amazing experience this was.
  • My First Sexual Experience
    Written November 2015
    (speedos, virgin, cum, solo, masturbation)

    I've finally gotten around to writing about my first sexual experiences. It was with my best friend Stephen and things started off slowly and we were both super nervous.... but we were both super horny teenagers which in the end overcame our nervousness.
  • Sex Safari - Byron Bay Foursome
    Written September 2015
    (MMMM, speedos, anal, group)

    A member of this site, and his boyfriend were travelling Australia's East Coast and Alex and I caught up with them on our Sex Safari. Alex got fucked by all three of us consecutively.
  • Tylers First Gay Experience
    Written May 2015
    (MMM, speedos, oral, first time)

    After breaking up with a long time girlfriend, Tyler wanted to explore some of the long held gay fantasies that had. I arranged for Alex to come over as well for Tylers for time as he watched the two of us.
  • Fivesome
    Written February 2015
    (MMMMM, speedos, anal, group, oral, bondage, hottub)

    Kip arranged an amazing fivesome for me a couple of days after arriving in Breckenridge. One of my most amazing sexual experiences and I'm happy to share it with you guys.
  • Friday Foursome
    Written January 2015
    (MMMM, speedos, anal, group, oral)

    After my first time with a member of this site I was able to arrange a foursome with Alex, Tim, fan and myself. The fan loved the stories about Alex and he loved fucking him too.
  • Lockerroom Blowjob
    Written December 2014
    After a few days being super horny Alex suggested we duck into the locker room before out Friday swim. Alex's technique was great and I was super horny, just a locker room quickie.
  • Kip's Beach Experience
    Written September 2014
    Kip mentioned the other day that he hasn't seen many 'aussie speedo guys' but that all changed today when we went up to a nude/swingers beach I know of.
  • Alex Tied up and Fucked
    Written July 2014
    (MM, speedos, anal, anal play, toys, oral, rimming)
    Being tied up and fucked is part of Alex's sexual bucket list and today I got to fuck him. Lots and lots of anal play with toys, rimming and finally I was balls deep.
  • Alex's First Threesome
    Written June 2014
    (MMM, speedos, oral, anal, orgy)
    Three horny speedoguys at the beach on a Friday afternoon. alex's first threesome turned out to be amazing and he ticked off a couple of things on his sexual bucket list.
  • Alex's Sexual Bucket List
    Written May 2014
    (MM, speedos, oral)
    I thought that maybe Alex was getting cold feet when he told me me wanted to come over for a 'chat'. I didn't need to be worried, Alex is confused but dealing with it. His 'sexual' bucket list is going to be fun and we ticked off him sucking his first cock.
  • First time with Alex
    Written April 2014
    (MM, speedos, oral, masturbation)
    Alex is a str8 guy who is a friend of a friend and I ran into him at the pool. Turns out Alex has a huge speedo fetish but this was his first time with another guy. Hopefully the first installment of many hot experiences with Alex.
  • Grindr'ing Mr. Aussie Visitor
    Written June 2012
    (MM, oral, anal, rim)
    I was horny after working on some new movies for this site and I was about to go for a wank but got on Grindr and 15 minutes later I was having my cock sucked by an Aussie guy visiting town on my steps.
  • Hottub Foursome
    Written March, 2012
    (MMMM, anal, oral, group)
    Celebrating St. Paddy's day in Colorado with a hottub and 3 other guys. Kip sucking my cock and me getting slammed hard!!!
  • Husband Sucking My Cock
    Written September, 2011
    (MMF, bisexual, threesome, oral)
    My threesome with a hot Queenstown swinging couple results in the husband being forced to suck my cock..
  • Caught Masturbating.... Again
    Written August 2009
    (M/M,masturbation, shower)
    Getting caught in the swimming locker room in my red speedos masturbating in the shower. We had planned it and it was really hot.
  • Voyeurism... Watching 2 Guys Fuck
    Written March 2009
    (MMM, voyeurism)
    Although I didn't get to join Ryan and Jazza but I suppose I did when they invited me home to watch them fuck each other.
  • Boys Side of the Hottub
    Written December 2008 (editted December 2018)
    (MM, anal, oral, hottub, swingers)
    Matt and I put on a bit of a show for two girls in the hottub.
  • Snowboarder Mike
    Written June 2008
    (M/M,Oral, Rim)
    The beginning of a dirty weekend with my new fuck buddy Mike..
  • Tricking Dean
    Written December 2007
    (M/M,Oral, Anal)
    I convinced a str8 snowboarding mate that a hot chick was cumming hottubing.... She wasn't cumming but Dean did in the end.
  • Speedo Sex in Fiji
    Written October 2006
    (M/M,Oral, Anal, Speedos, Cum, Exhibitionist)
    My first ever 'escort' role was spending a week in Fiji with Patrick. Both speedo fans it turned out great and we got along both inside and outside the bedroom.
  • BJ from BJ
    Written August 2006
    (M/M,Oral, Anal)
    I broke my arm snowboarding and I was bored at home so I found a guy online to cum over for some fun.
Stories Written by Others
Gay Photo Shoot
  • Teen Threesome
    (anal, bareback, first time, threesome)
    Jamie (author) has fucked Cameron and Andy before but never together. The three eighteen year old school friends tick off a couple of firsts in this amazing threesome.
  • Tourist Gets Off At Bondi Beach
    (hookup,oral,cum,MM, masturbation)
    Allen was visiting Australia and wanted to visit the famous Bondi Icebergs pool. It turns into a fun session in the sauna with an old friend.
  • Swapping Speedos
    This Grindr hookup sounds super hot between two guys who love speedos. Speedo oral sex and cumming in speedos is what happened during this hookup
  • Sydney Speedo Party/Orgy
    (group, orgy, pool, casual, exhibitionist)
    I was invited to a Speedo Party/Orgy by one of the members. I couldn't make it but I did get a rather 'detailed' report on what I missed out on. I won't miss it next time!!!.
  • Hottub Threesome
    (threesome, hottub, rimming, oral, facial, cum)
    A later night hottub turns into a threesome. Three guys in speedos, what else could happen?.
  • Str8 Couple Speedo Shopping
    (straight, couple, 18yo, oral, speedos, sex, exhibitionism)
    Second edition from this young couple who go speedo shopping and end up having the store clerk watch them suck and fuck each other.
  • Str8 Speedo Couple
    (straight, couple, 18yo, oral, speedos, bikini, pool)
    True story of 18yo friends (guy/girl) in speedos and a bikini... resulting in oral sex..
  • Speedo Gang Bang
    (Anal, Bondage, hardcore, speedos, group, orgy)
    A speedo gang bang orgy comes true in Sydney as this speedo fan gets fucked by 12 guys while being gagged with a cum soaked red speedo..
  • Random Pool Threesome
    (threesome, oral, cum, pool, speedos)
    Richardo and his boyfriend were at the pool and ended up in the change rooms with a bearded speedo guy. Supposedly a true story and there is lots of oral and lots of speedos..
  • First Speedo Ordeal
    (Anal, Bondage, hardcore, speedos)
    One of the more hardcore speedo sex stories in the archive. If you like your speedo sex with a sprinkling of bondage and butt plugs check this story out.
  • Team Mates - Nathan & Justin
    (Oral, speedos, cum, j/o)
    Nathan discovers that he isn't the only guy on the swim team who loves speedos. Lots of speedo swapping and cumming in this hot speedo sex story.
  • Yellow Speedo Man
    (stranger, handjob, cum, speedo)
    This true story from 'Speedo Sam' is similar to my "Caugt Masturbating.... Again" experience in the pool lockerroom. Great story and a happy ending wearing a strangers yellow speedos.
  • Fucking the Lifeguard
    (Oral, anal, speedos)
    Fictional story of being stalked into a supply room by the lifeguard at the local pool. Something we have all wanted to happen.
  • Speedo Purchase
    (oral, speedo, first time)
    Written by 'hunx trunx about his first ever speedo purchase. Things turn naughty when the sales clerk at JC Penny's offers his opinion on the fit of the speedos
  • Guy from the Pool
    (Oral, speedos, kissing, first time)
    After meeting a guy at the pool, a contibuting author from the Speedo Forum takes him home and shows off his impressive speedo collection.
  • Sydney Marriot
    (Oral, Steam room, exhibitionism)
    Written by 'ihaveaproblem who really enjoyed his stay at the Sydney Marriot - I think he enjoyed his time in the sauna specifically..
  • Speedo Gang Bang
    (Group, First Time, Oral, Anal, Bukkake)
    Written by 'BlackSpeedo' about living out his fantasy of a speedo gang bang. Lots of cum and lots of speedos.
  • Airport Speedo Guy
    (Str8, Oral, Anal)
    Written by 'Marco_85' about a quickie in an airport hotel with a str8 guy. Speedos were the cause of this little fuck session
  • Red Speedo Pickup
    (MM, casual, sex for money, jerk off)
    Written by 'Josh' who frequents a casual pickup spot and gets his tiny red speedos covered in cum (short story).
  • Meeting Chris
    (M/M, First Time, Oral, Handjob)
    Written by Adrian about his first time meeting an online date.  After Adrian arrives things move quickly to the shower.
  • Fucking Chris
    (M/M,Oral, Anal)
    The 2nd time Adrian hooked up with Chris ended up with Adrian fucking Chris's arse bareback.
  • Cornered by the Swim Champ
    (M/M,Oral, Anal, Bareback)
    After being sucked off by the swim champ he fucks me hard and without mercy.

Introducing Will
Will is an Aussie guy from Melbourne I met in a Canadian ski town. He is probably the guy I've had most sex with to date. He is in the closet like myself and he is bi. I've written extensively about Will on my blog but here is a complete list of my writings about my times with Will.

  • Morning Will
    (M/M,Oral, Cum, Hottub, Speedos)
    Will and I are starting to become a little more comfortable with each other, sexually, and after not being able to do anything naughty to each other.... we finally have the house to ourselves and our speedos are ruined with cum.
  • Sucking off Will for the FIrst Time
    (M/M,Oral, Cum, Hottub, Speedos)
    After 2 month I finally get my roommate down to his speedos in the hottub. After telling some str8 sex stories we are both horny and I get to suck Will off. The beginning of a long sexual partnership.
  • Brad, Will and I - 3hrs of fucking
    (M/M/M,Oral, Anal)
    Brad, a ski bum from a nearby town and I met online and after 3 weeks met in the flesh. I didn't expect Will to join in but he did and the speedo swapping was very hot.
My Fictional Stories

  • My Sisters Fiance
    Written April 2019
    (MMM, reluctant, cheating, oral, anal)
    This is a work of fiction that I have written after watching an amazing threesome movie (which did start with speedos). I'd love to be any one of the three guys in a real life scenario like this one. When you are done reading, be sure to watch the movie.
  • Pool Threesome
    A fantasy of me getting caught poaching a neighbours pool. When I'm discovered by two guys they think that I should pay for tresspassing and things get very hot very quickly.
Speedo Waiter
Written in 2002. Revisted February 2019
(MM, exhibitionist, first time, oral, speedos)
This is a huge fantasy of mine. Although not true I got the idea from seeing an advertisment on an online dating site looking for speedo waiters.  If the party was closer to home I think I would have applied to be a speedo waiter.

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