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Some of these photo shoots are exclusive and taken by the SpeedoFetish team, some have been traded with other websites and some have been purchased.

I personally am a terrible photographer as I can't seem to seperate work and pleasure and I'm sure you can imagine.....

This is part of the site that I am constantly adding to so keep an eye out here.


This is a fan and a member here and on the Speedo Forum.

After seeing some of his photos I asked him if I could post a gallery of his AussieBum collection and he agreed.

This is why speedos are made. Thanks a bunch Rockman!!!

- Photo Shoot

Aussie Couple,

These two Aussie guys start off in their speedos.... they suck each other off for 10 minutes (I'd last 2 minutes).... then they fuck bareback for another 10 minutes.

An amazing shoot, HD quality movie and really hot young speedo guys!!!.

- Photo Shoot
- HD Movie (24 mins)

Amateur Speedo Guy Jason

Sth African Model,

This is a super hot model shoot which was taken in South Africa.

While he starts in shorts, they are removed and he looks even better in his navy speedos.

Nice changing things up between amateur and professional models.

- Photo Shoot

Amateur Speedo Guy Jason


Kip and I were invited to a bachelor party on Lake Powell.

It was a bunch of gay guys but there was only one single guy, Jason. Jason ended up sharing our room.

Here are some selfies Jason sent after the trip.

- Photo Shoot
- Story of our 3some

Cruise Ship 4some,

I had a blog reader/fan go on his first gay cruise a few years ago and he said it was amazing and he couldn’t believe how sore his cock was from all the fucking that went on.  

He said that it ended up with a couple of rooms on the boat that were renounced for some pretty hot orgies.

Links - Photo Shoot

Speedo Boner

Speedo Boner,

I love this photo shoot because I have personally been in exactly this predicament myself.

Perfect fitting navy or black lycra speedos and a raging erection.... this guy looks great. Wish I was there to help him out of his speedos..

Links - Photo Shoot

Speedo Twink,

TThese latest 2 galleries aren't really my usual but they both feature hot young guys in red speedos..... I don't think you guys will complain about that.

Only 9 photos in eac of these amateur shoots but I hope you will enjoy them. .

Links - Photo Shoot

Clubbies in Red Speedos


Clubbies are Surf Life Saving Club guys, volunteer life guards in Australia.

This gallery is some amateur pics of some clubbies just hanging out at the beach in their red speedos. When I was a junior lifeguard my uniform was just black speedos.

Links - Photo Shoot

Red Speedo Blowjob,

These guys are amazing. The cute blond is just chilling out at the pool in his perfect fitting red speedos when he is interrupted by this cute young guy.

One thing leads to another and the red speedo guy gets his cock sucked.

Lots of cum to finish off as well.

Links - Photo Shoot (15 photos). Full 29 minute movie.

Waterpolo Teens

Waterpolo Teens,

I never had the chance to play waterpolo which is a shame. I would have loved hanging out with guys as hot as thing in their speedos.

Can you just imagine what is going on between these guys in the change rooms before and after practice?

Enjoy these fit waterpolo players.

Links - Photo Shoot (17 photos)

AussieBum Sex,

These blue AussieBum speedos are my personal favourite and seeing them used in a hot speedo sex session is amazing!!!

It was these speedos which I wore during my first bisexual threesome and that turned out pretty good.

When I get my hands on the video you guys will be the first to know.

Links - Photo Shoot (16 photos)

Random Couple Hookup in Speedos

Andrew & Tony

I found these guys online and explained that I wanted to take photos of them in my hotel room which had a hottub.

They seemed keen and I provided 2 pairs of AussieBum Classic speedos.ook what happened.

Speedos are definitely a sexual lubricant.

Links - Photo Shoot (18 photos)

Meet Speedo Student

Hawaiian Speedo Student came to my attention a few years ago when he made the mainstream press after posting photos of him around his college campus in his speedos.

Since then he has stared in an adult film and he is a really nice guy. I hope to get some more pics of him that I can share with you guys..

Links - Photo Shoot (172 photos)

Tom in his red speedos.

Tom in his red speedos.

NYC Speedo Shoot,

I saw a single photo from this shoot and after a couple of months I tracked down the photographer and got the rest of the photos from the shoot.

The speedo model (prefers to remain unnamed) is gorgeous and wears his speedos very well as you can see.

Links - Photo Shoot (29 photos)

Meet Chris.

The same speedos worn by Liam (cleaned) were adorned by Chris in this shoot.

As per many member requests - Chris strips down to his speedos and he is quickly hard as a rock in the navy lycra.of his speedos.

Chris then jacks off while keeping his speedos on. I think I will have Chris do another shoot ASAP.


Bill wearing green speedos.

Meet Liam,

18yo at the time of shooting these pics (he was born September 1994) and Liam looks (and acts much older.

OK - he does look very cute with his earing and those perfectly fitting navy blue speedos.

Liam jacks off for us in this afternoon session in the garden. Enjoy the pics and the video.

Meet Ryan & Tim.

This is an old photo shoot that I just found featuring Cameron and Luke.

These Aussie guys are used to wearing speedos and don't mind showing off what they like in the bedroom.

Aussie members will notice where this is public speedo make out session is filmed..

Links - Photo Shoot (20 photos)

Bill wearing green speedos.

Meet Luke,

This was the first shoot for a new photographer who contacted me recently saying how much he loves guys in speedos and had some mates who would be interested in modelling.

Luke (26yo) is hot and strips out of his speedos to finger himself while he jerks off for the camera.

What do you think of the new photographers work? I like it!!!

Links - Luke's Photo Shoot (110 photos)

Nick was commissioned to show off my new DE Swimwear.

I'm still working on finishing the design but this sample is hot and so is Nick!!!

He strips down out of his speedos and jerks off all over himself.

I'm sure he'll be back to model the final product.


Amateur Model Nick

Meet Chaz.

Imagine if this washed up on the beach. Chaz is 18yo and from San Diego, California.

In this foto shoot Chaz changes out of his street gear into his wetsuit. Ow how I LOVE GUYS wearing wet suits.

I can't speak anymore - this guy is just too hot. Check out the photos and you'll agree I'm sure.

Tom in his red speedos.

Links - Photo Shoot (44 photos)
Adam Stripping and Jacking Off

This photo shoot of Adam B. was a trial run of a new photographer.

Adam has a smoking hot body and strips out of his tighty whities much to my pleasure.

Then Adam proceeds to jerk off and cum all over his clenched fist for us.

I've created the movie is several formats.


Meet Stuart from Melbourne,

The infamous GSB (Grey Speedo Boy) has been seen all over the web for years.

I was contacted by a guy (Stu) who claimed to be the infamous GSB but it turned out to be a false claim.

These 20 pics are the most comprehensive collection of GSB pics that I've seen online.

Links - Photo Shoot (20 photos)

Meet Tom.

A good friend of mine Craig took these pics of Tom (his latest boyfriend).

Both guys are living in London and despite the renouned crappy weather speedos are still very appropriate for 'indoor fun'.

This shoots starts with Tom's speedos on and end up with his cum all over his stomach and chest.

Tom in his red speedos.

Links - Photo Shoot (76 photos)


Meet Brad,

I med Brad in Canada after we had spoken online for ages. Brad came over for a couple of days riding and I did get to see those red speedos close up.

This shoot was taken 6 months ago by Brad's ex-boyfriend and I can no vouch for how hot and masculine this guy is.

Read about my 2 days with Brad.

Links - Photo Shoot (20 Photos)

Meet Daniel.

I got this foto shoot from a photographer that I've known for nearly 3 years now.

He took this shoot of Daniel just 2 weeks ago and knew that it would be perfect for

Daniel wears a pair of black speedos as well as a pair of red speedos in this photo shoot.

Links - Photo Shoot (22 photos)

Bill wearing green speedos.

Meet Bill,

Bill is a guy that I met in transit in Auckland. I spent 2 nights at a backpackers in the city and Bill was one of my room mates.

He caught sight of my speedos and couldn't wait to show me his. This photo shoot was taken in the communal showers very late one night after a few drinks.

Bill does get out of his speedos.... eventually.

Links - Bill's Photo Shoot (30 photos)

Meet Michael.

Michael is an old friend of mine from my junior life saving days. He is now a fitness instructor in Sydney and we keep in touch via email and facebook

It is only a short shoot but it is of Michael stripping out of his footy shorts. No speedos unfortunately.

Links -
Photo Shoot (12 photos of Simon stripping)

Meet Lance.

Lance was photographed by a fan in Santa Monica CA.. Lance has just finished school (I have proof of age for all models) and he turned 18yo 3 weeks ago.

Lance is a model I'm very keen to get some video of and you'll agree after seeing these photos.

Links - Photo Shoot

Meet Danny,

Danny is an old friend of mine from primary school. I had seen him like twice in the last 8 years and then I ran into him at a speedo party at a gay bar in Brisbane.

We hooked up and Danny was keen as to let me photograph him.

It was a little impromptue so no speedos but next time defintely.

Links - Photo Shoot

Dan in the shower - movie clip. (66.4meg)

Meet Rylan,

When I was 18 (3 years ago - no 4 years ago this Xmas) I went on a ski trip to Colorado and met this great guy Rylan who was working over there on his uni holidays.

We both hit it off and for 4 days explored each other :). I keep in contact with Rylan but hadn't seen him until 2 weeks ago when he was up on the Gold Coast for a conference with his new job.

Links -
Photo Shoot (110 Photos)

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