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Hawaii Speedo Student

Total Movie Length: 80 minutes, 12 secs

A couple of my favourite movies...

Movie Length: 15minutes
File Size: 51.3meg

If I was a member of this swim team I would never behave myself. The two masculine coaches decide to discipline their swim team by having some 'team building' exercises.... otherwise known as fucking the brains out of your team mates and sucking your coaches cock.

This is part one of three or this movie which has a total run time of 50 minutes. I can barely get through 15 mins before having to 'clean up'



Sergio Joins In

Movie Length: 21minutes, 39secs
File Size: 81.9meg

This movie starts off similar to 'Being Watched' with the peeping Tom 'Sergio' watching two hunks fucking like rabbits.

But, Sergio's little voyeurism session is interrupted just as he flops his cock out of his black speedos. Michael (in the red shorts) makes Sergio suck his cock before the two of them join the couple on the bed.

The hottest part of this movie is when the three guys are on the bed on their backs and Sergio moves from cock to cock taking all three of them in succession (see last pic on the right).


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