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Pool Locker Room
Movie Length: 5 mins and 32 secs
Description: This movie encapulates one of my biggest fantasies, a chick wearing the classic ADIDAS 3-stripe one piece sucking and fucking in the pool change rooms. Then taking a load of cum on her swimsuit.
Black Lycra Full Body Suit
Movie Length: 20 mins and 16 secs
Description: Jess is sporting an ADIDAS full body cat suit in this movie and it looks like she has torn an access hole. Great thing about this movie is that she keeps the lycra cat suit on for the entire 20 minutes..
One Piece Swimsuit Shower Sex
Movie Length: 4 mins and 18 secs
Description: Some amateur footage (reason for the quality not being the best) of a hot brunette wearing a speedo one piece swimsuit getting fucked hard in the shower. It finishes with the guy cums on her lycra covered tits.
Black & Green Speedo One Piece
Movie Length: 19 mins and 59 secs
Description: Jess get fucked in all sorts of positions while wearing this sexy black and greeen speedo one piece. At one point the couple move to the outdoor deck and Jess gets bent over the railing. Nice cumshot too.
Blue One Piece
Movie Length: 29 mins and 45 secs
Description: In this movie Jess starts off wearing a blue one piece swimsuit. I can't tell who makes it. Unfortunately after 8 and a half minutes Jess swaps the swimsuit for her birthday suit. His cock is HUGE!!!.
Black Catsuit One Piece
Movie Length: 18 mins and 33 secs
Description: This is my favourite swimsuit that I've seen Jess wear, a black, lycra catsuit that looks amazing!!! The hips are cut really high. During the whole 18 minutes Jess keeps the swimsuit on.
White One Piece Swimsuit
Movie Length: 29 mins and 51 secs
Description: A fantasic one piece swimsuit movie. The chick is hot in her white one piece and the asian guy starts off wearing a pair of lycra square cut speedos. Love how she keeps the swimsuit on for the whole movie.
MFF Swimsuit/Speedo Threesome - Part 1
Movie Length: 29 mins and 49 secs
Description: This movie is an amazing turn on for me. Two girls in one piece swimsuits and a guy wearing a black speedo. I split this movie up to make sure it loads well. It is one of my favourites.
MFF Swimsuit/Speedo Threesome - Part 2
Movie Length: 31 mins and 18 secs
Description: The foreplay is over and these three 20yo's start getting down to business. I like how they keep their swimsuits on through much of this movie and HOLY COW is the guy hung!!!
Chloe's Threesome
Movie Length: 18 mins and 9 secs
Description: Chloe and her boyfriend are making love by the pool when they are joined by John. I love Chloe's naughty smile when she realizes what is about to happen.... beautful two guy threesome.


Classic MMF
Movie Length: 30 mins and 03 secs
File Size: 116.3meg

Description: 30 minutes of MMF bisexual action. Not the best quality of the movies in the archive but it has everything including a great cum shower for all involved to finish it off.

Bukkake VI (6)
Movie Length: 19 mins and 11 secs
File Size: 62.7meg

Description: 6 bisexual guys, 4 str8 girls and a strap on. I love these orgy movies - there are sooo many combinations and you catch the occasional gay couple sneaking off for their own fun. The boys all cum at the end of this clip over one of the chicks - I love Bukkake

Watch and Learn
Movie Length: 2 mins and 16 secs
File Size: 10.6meg

Description: A woman tried to please these two spanish men. But as we all know - men are best at pleasing men so they get it on together with some hot anal action outdoors.

Marriage Spice Up
Movie Length: 27 mins and 20 secs
File Size: 93.2meg

Description: Adding a bisexual guy to the marriatial bed is one of my favourite fantasies - now you can watch it in this nearly half hour clip. The guy who gets added is cute, hung and very bi. Wife and the extra get a cum shower from the husband to finish things off.

Black, brown and blonde
Movie Length: 29 mins and 46 secs
File Size: 115.1meg

Description: Black and brown boys not only work over this busty blonde but they also work over each other. A hot interracial MMF threesome movie.

Three Brunettes
Movie Length: 25 mins and 02 secs
File Size: 96.9meg

Description: I do not have a clue what language these three brunettes are talking in but they seem to know what they are doing when it comes to threesomes where everyone is involved.

Vibrator Play - Part 1
Movie Length: 12 mins and 26 secs
File Size: 42.4meg

Description: I haven't been much of a vibrator fan myself but this movie might have convinced me otherwise. The vibrator is brought into the picture by an older guy who is hell bent on having his younger friends arse filled with his vibrator.

Jacuzzi MMF
Movie Length: 10 mins and 16 secs
File Size: 107.3meg

Description: I love hottubs and this is what I love doing in hottubs. All three in this MMF bisexual threesome are hot and I personally love it when the guy and girl are both sucking that luck guys cock. A high quality movie.

Easy Access
Movie Length: 19 mins and 11 secs
File Size: 53.2meg

Description: I love skirts and this movie shows you why.... easy access. Even with 2 horny guys the skirt is quickly raised and this cute bruneette is fucked hard by these two bisexual guys. The guys are just as cute I promise.

Movie Length: 19 mins and 20 secs
File Size: 64.5meg

Description: If you are ready for a 'fuckathon' then click download on this movie. After starting off with some head Steve, Lindsay and Michael decide fucking is more their speed - barely a second of this clip goes by without cock in someone's orifice.

Rim Time
Movie Length: 15 mins and 09 secs
File Size: 51.8meg

Description: I'm not sure what has gotten into my but this is the 2nd rimming movie I've added in a row. The rimming is only short and in the middle of the clip but it is awesome.

Rim Sharing
Movie Length: 22 mins and 22 secs
File Size: 42.3meg

Description: I'm not sure why this blonde chick is even in this movie - this is all about the boys. After some cock sucking the rimming begins and everyone gets in the spirit of a good rim job.

Sascha - Part 2
Movie Length: 10 mins and 51 secs
File Size: 36.2meg

Description: In this second half of 'Sascha', Adam gets his arse slammed my Michael. The inflatable chair comes in real handy as well. Unfortunately Sascha is greedy when it comes to cum and doesn't share any with the boys.

Boys Get Fucked - Part 1
Movie Length: 10 mins and 59 secs
File Size: 36.9meg

Description: I've split this clip up into two parts so you can start watching it while the 2nd part is downloading. It is an awesome movie - these three early 20's get things warmed up in this first half with lots of cock sucking.

Lucky Marion
Movie Length: 16 mins and 47 secs
File Size: 91.0meg

Description: Marion is a cute, petite blonde who has been doing some standard movie work - this was her first ever movie with 2 guys. Boy is she lucky!!!! 'Lucky Marion' gets well looked after from these hunks but she still helps them fuck each other which is the highlight of the movie for me.

Reluctantly Bi
Movie Length: 12 mins and 10 secs
File Size: 41.3meg

Description: Michael is a mascule guy who never imagined being with another guy. With a little encouragement from his girlfriend this hunk slowly gets into the spirit of guy on guy. I only with all guys were as easy to convert as Michael.

Double Cum Facial
Movie Length: 20 mins and 39 secs
File Size: 79.9meg

Description: Nothing impresses me more than a good thick cum shot and this movie concludes with 2 of them. This girl deserves it after being worked over by these 2 guys.

Boys Get Fucked - Part 2
Movie Length: 10 mins and 01 secs
File Size: 34.3meg

Description: Now that you are warmed up (as these three are) it is time to really fuck the boys. Angela gets the strap on out and both guys get a ride on her long black rubber cock.

Teen 3some - Part 1
Movie Length: 10 mins and 0 secs
File Size: 80.8meg

Description: One way to learn about sex is to invite the girl next door and your best mate over for some MMF experimentation.

Vibrator Play - Part 2
Movie Length: 12 mins and 42 secs
File Size: 43.4meg

Description: Part 2 of this movie is very hardcore. Lots of fucking, cum and vibrator abuse delivered mainly to the younger guy who seems to be the submissive participant in this MMF threesome,

Sascha - Part 1
Movie Length: 10 mins and 28 secs
File Size: 34.5meg

Description: Sascha is 22yo, blonde with the most perfect brests I have ever seen. In this 2 part movie, Sascha gets to fuck Michael and Adam on an inflatable chair (I love inflatable chairs and beds - so easy to clean up any juices).

Teen 3some - Part 3
Movie Length: 10 mins and 0 secs
File Size: 85.0meg

Description: The conclusion to this hot MMF threesome session which lasts 30 minutes., Why not some cake with your naked friends.

Foursome - Part 2
Movie Length: 11 mins and 45 secs
File Size: 39.1meg

Description: The dildo finally gets used on the boys in part 2 of this perfect foursome movie. Everyone gets to enjoy the cum from these two hot young guys.

Bi Accident - Scene 1
Movie Length: 17 mins and 38 secs
File Size: 69.8meg

Description: The first of 4 scenes from Bi Accident. The theme here is two str8 guys getting very horny with a cute girl. Once the clothes start to come off the guys loose their inhibitions and (with a little bit of encouragement from the girl) they start to enjoy their bisexuality.

Bi Students Road Trip - Scene 1
Movie Length: 24 mins and 48 secs
File Size: 98.0meg

Description: The first of 4 scenes in this movie. This first scene starts off by introducing 4 cheerleaders to a room full of guys. Everybody gets naked (guys and girls) and then everyone starts to pair off. The camera follows this trio into a waiting room where the fun begins.

Bi Accident - Scene 2
Movie Length: 20 mins and 28 secs
File Size: 80.8meg

Description: The focus of this clip starts around the blonde who knows how to handle 2 cocks. The guys do a great job keeping her occupied and pleasured with lots of cock to suck and giving her pussy a licking and fucking. Later in the clip the guys get to work on each other.

Bi Students Road Trip - Scene 4
Movie Length: 18 mins and 1 secs
File Size: 71.2meg

Description: The fourth and final installment of this Bi Students Road Trip and it is my favourite. 2 guys wearing jockstraps and a chick wearing a cheerleaders skirt. Lots of oral action early in the movie and a dildo is brought out towards the end which demonstrates what jockstraps were really invented for.

Three in the Bed
Movie Length: 39 mins and 41 secs
File Size: 153.6meg

Description: The music is cheesey, the video isn't that good a quality but the action is hot and put on some Metalica and watch this nearly 40 minute MMF movie.

Too Hot for Hottub
Movie Length: 22 mins and 52 secs
File Size: 99.5meg

Description: The original idea was for a hottub but things between these three got a bit too hot so they headed for the bedroom instead.

Office Boys - Part 2
Movie Length: 13 mins and 21 secs
File Size: 44.5meg

Description: There are two great cum shots in part 2 of this movie. First off is a face shot dowsing while the younger of the two office boys is ordered to take it. The second cum shot (pictured above) involves dripping cum off her arse.

Bi Students Road Trip - Scene 2
Movie Length: 22 mins and 3 secs
File Size: 87.1meg

Description: There is no foreplay in this movie clip. The first image is if one very lucking guy completely naked being sucked off by another completely naked guy. There is a busty brunette in there as well. This movie has some great rimming pics in it.

Bi Accident - Scene 4
Movie Length: 18 mins and 12 secs
File Size: 71.8meg

Description: These 2 guys help out this brunette and her friend when they have a flat tire.... now it is her turn to help them. A nice bit of voyeurism starts off this clip as one of the guys watches his friend and the girl.

MMF Workout
Movie Length: 27 mins and 45 secs
File Size: 107.6meg

Description: These 2 guys thought they had the gym to themselves when they were rudely interrupted by some random blonde chick. She did interrupt them fucking each other on the gym equipment.

Bi Accident - Scene 3
Movie Length: 23 mins and 25 secs
File Size: 92.6meg

Description: These 2 hot young jocks do not know their luck when they pick up this gorgeous slim brunette who takes them back to her place for some fun. She doesn't know her luck when the two guys start helping her out with tending to their cocks.

Too hot...
Movie Length: 22 mins and 52 secs
File Size: 99.5meg

Description: These three very hot people had planned on a jacuzzi but things got a little too hot before hand. The guy who gets worked on first has one of the best bodies I have ever seen.

Teen 3some - Part 2
Movie Length: 10 mins and 0 secs
File Size: 81.4meg

Description: Things between these three 18yo's are really heating up now. There a no clothes on and the guys are fucking each other!!!

4 Guys, 2 Girls
Movie Length: 13 mins and 45 secs
File Size: 47.0meg

Description: This 13 minute movie starts off segregated with the boys playing with each other and the girls playing with each other. Things change rather quickly though and everyone gets involved with everyone else.

Foursome - Part 1
Movie Length: 13 mins and 28 secs
File Size: 44.9meg

Description: This clip is the perfect foursome - two guys, two girls and everyone being bisexual. This first half involves lots of kissing and sucking - then just as if it couldn't get any hotter - the dildo comes out.

Two plus two - Part 1
Movie Length: 19 mins and 01 secs
File Size: 46.8meg

Description: This foursome is my favourite bisexual combination - two bisexual girls and two bisexual guys. AND everyone is very comfortable with each other. This first clip features some great blowjob action by the boys and a 69 by the girls.

Hanjob Finale
Movie Length: 25 mins and 44 secs
File Size: 85.8meg

Description: This hot brunetter is a moaner so you might want to adjust your volume (up or down depending on how you like it). I love handjobs and that is how this 25 minute movie cums to an end.

Bi Students Road Trip - Scene 3
Movie Length: 15 mins and 27 secs
File Size: 61.1meg

Description: This is more of a couples movie than a threesome movie. I suppose the bisexual element in this is when the guy has his arse fucked by the cute brunette (in cheerleading outfit) while she wears a strap on.

Invite Your Mate
Movie Length: 17 mins and 03 secs
File Size: 58.0meg

Description: This is one of my favourite bi-threesome movies. These three are all 20yo and the cute blonde guy is kind enuf to share his girlfriend with his mate. Don't worry - the boys enjoy playing with each other as well.

Stuck in the Lodge
Movie Length: 29 mins and 05 secs
File Size: 112.6meg

Description: This lucky girl is stuck in the mountains, in a beautiful lodge with 2 horny guys. Lucky for us, both guys are bisexual (one is even wearing my favourite ADIDAS style of speedos).

The art of Bisexual Orgy
Movie Length: 83 mins and 53 secs
File Size: 330.8meg

Description: This movie (the longest currently in the collection) is a straight out orgy although there is nothing str8 about it. 3 girls and 4 guys is a great number for an orgy in my mind and this clip is one that I watch often. One of the girls wears a strap on throughout the movie and she uses it later in the movie.

Movie Length: 32 mins and 11 secs
File Size: 124.6meg

Description: This movie features 4 guys staying at a hotel and their wonderful wait staff. It is two different scenes that are taking place at the same time, where to look!!!

Movie Length: 19 mins and 35 secs
File Size: 66.7meg

Description: This threesome are bendy - this screen shot is typical of this movie. One guy on his back getting his arse fucked from above while the cute blonde does her best to keep up with these two masculine guys.

Teaching the boys
Movie Length: 21 mins and 38 secs
File Size: 72.1meg

Description: Time for Lindsay to teach the boys how to suck cock. If you liked Lindsay in 'Fuckathon' you are going to love her in this movie. This movie begins with a long sharing blowjob teaching session and once everyone is nice and hard the fucking begins.

Two plus two - Part 2
Movie Length: 13 mins and 33 secs
File Size: 45.2meg

Description: Two cocks just isn't enuf for four people.... so in this second installment of 'Two Plus Two' the strap on is brought out. And EVERYONE gets to ride the strap on. This is one of my favourite movies and I recommend downloading it.

Office Boys - Part 1
Movie Length: 14 mins and 03 secs
File Size: 46.9meg

Description: Watch these 2 office guys get bossed around by this hot chick in leather (don't worry the leather is mostly removed in part 2 of this movie). These guys are pushed around and love sucking cock - the kind of guys that I like myself.

Two Becomes Three
Movie Length: 15 mins and 48 secs
File Size: 52.5meg

Description: Watching from the jacuzzi, John decides to join Marissa and Peter. Peter is eating out Marissa's pussy and John decides to fuck his arse... HARD.

Movie Length: 16 mins and 07 secs
File Size: 54.8meg

Description: What better to do on a Sunday afternoon than a quiet threesome with two of your buddies. This chick gets everything she wants and more... including a show of the boys sucking and fucking each other.

Boys Only Please
Movie Length: 15 mins and 20 secs
File Size: 51.2meg

Description: What ever happened to a quiet 'boys only' afternoon? Angelina couldn't keen her hands to herself when she caught the boys blowing each other on the kitchen table. There is a nice double penetration shot in the 2nd half of this movie.

The Perfect Massage
Movie Length: 16 mins and 54 secs
File Size: 57.8meg

Description: What happens when your masseur is a hot brunette chick, and the guy getting a massage next to you has the body of a god and all three of you are horny... Watch this clip and you'll find out. Three smoking hot bodies being completely open with each other.

Dirty Girl, Dirty Clothes
Movie Length: 20 mins and 22 secs
File Size: 78.9meg

Description: When the clothes are as dirty as your girlfriend, there is only one solution and that is to invite your mate along.

Underwater Speedo Sex
Movie Length: 19 mins and 41 secs
File Size: 305.8meg

Description: You guys know I love speedos and this is a str8 couple having sex underwater. I don't know how they do it but it is hot!!! And once the guys massive cock is released from his speedo you really appreciate just how big he really is. No cumming at the end which is a shame.

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